The Best and Classical Shooting Arcade Games

Love game shooting online? Know the shooting games history! From classical arcade games to online fish shooting games, have fun with gun action all time.

The Best and Classical Shooting Arcade Games

Shooting games, the favourite of most of the video game players. People seek excitement and pleasure through the shooting games, while some can relieve their stress by playing them.

Shooting games nowadays are divided into two types, which one of them is played by certain devices including computer, mobile and game consoles, with offline mode and in own maps or own missions. Another is multiplayers mode, where several players gather and play shooting online, in sharing maps or cooperating missions. These multiplayers shooting games are then evolved as esports.

However, there is another type of shooting games which is declined and abandoned by most people nowadays, which is the arcade games.

Arcade game machines were popular and common enough in the last century before 2000’s, where the video arcades were the ‘’paradise’’ of teenagers, who liked to gather and stay for the whole day.

As the years go by and technology gets advanced, most of those arcade games have developed into computer, mobile and video console games, even turned into multiplayers online, therefore arcade game machine are slowly forgotten by teenagers today.

Classical Shooting Arcade Game: The House of the Dead 2

Widely regarded as one of the best arcade light gun games of all time, The House of the Dead 2 was released in 1998, succeeding its first sequel in 1996. As a successful classical shooting game, HOTD2 ported to the Dreamcast platform in 1999, and Microsoft Windows in 2001.

The House of the Dead series are also acknowledged as one of the greatest shooting arcade games with zombies and horror genre for all time, which had made 6 sequels in total, and available in several platforms instead of arcade machines, such as Windows, PlayStation 2 and 3, GameBoy, XBox, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch.

Time Crisis 2: Shooting Arcade Game in 90’s

Time Crisis 2 is a light gun arcade video game released in 1997, by the Japan famous video game company Namco. Succeeded by its first sequel which was introduced in 1995, Time Crisis 2 featured the story of two secret agents in cooperation to perform certain missions.

Time Crisis 2 is regarded as the best sequel of its whole 5 series, which was also ported in Sony PlayStation 2 instead of typical arcade game machines. The last sequel, Time Crisis 5 was released in 2015, as the end of this popular game series for almost two decades.

Virtua Cop: Hottest Arcade Gun Game in 90’s

Meanwhile, the Virtua Cop game series is considered the best series of arcade shooting game in the 1990’s decade. Produced by Japan famous game manufacturer SEGA, the first Virtue Cop released in 1994, while the second series came one year after it, and the last series in 2003.

Virtua Cop is the first arcade shooting game who achieved huge success with the light gun equipment and 3D polygon graphics, which was the first to feature both of them in the arcade game history. It’s achievement had inspired the other shooting arcade games to use the light gun feature, such as the Time Crisis and The House of the Dead series as mentioned above.

Evolution of Game Shooting Online

With the development of the internet and advanced technology, shooting games are now more appearing on computer, mobile and certain consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and XBox. It has also become a major genre of multiplayers games or esports, such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Valorant.

Meanwhile, shooting games are now available to play while betting on it!

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These fishing games are suitable for all ages, with fancy game scenes, simple operation and easy actions to win credits. Those games might not be as exciting as other arcade game online, or not as practical as the physical arcade game machines, but they have friendly user interfaces suitable for all people with all kinds of devices, also the stable and smooth game loading speed supported by high system performance.

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